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Cadeby Parish Council

Cadeby Parish Council Information

Council Information

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Asset Register.pdf10 May 202173kB
Councils code of conduct.pdf16 March 2022288kB
CPC financial regengland reviewed May 2021.pdf06 June 2022154kB
CPC Internal Control Policy .pdf06 June 202293kB
CPCFinancial and Management Risk Assessment .pdf06 June 2022102kB
freedom of information 2021.pdf06 June 202290kB
Policy Retention of Documents.pdf06 June 202285kB
Procedure Complaints.pdf06 June 202261kB
standing orders May 21.pdf06 June 2022171kB

GDPR - Data Protection

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
GDPR Data Protection Policy.pdf06 June 202294kB
GDPR Data Breach Policy.pdf06 June 202286kB
GDPR General Privacy Notice .pdf06 June 2022126kB
GDPR Subject Access Request SARS Policy.pdf06 June 202294kB
GDPR Privacy Notice Staff Councillors 1.pdf06 June 2022133kB

Financial & Archive Information


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Bank rec 2022 23.pdf30 June 202399kB
Cadeby 2022 23 accounting statements.pdf22329.pdf30 June 2023426kB
Cadeby 2022 23 exemption certificate.pdf30 June 2023455kB
Cadeby Annual governance statement.pdf30 June 2023417kB
Exempt authority Notice of Public Rights.pdf30 June 202382kB
Explanation of variances audit 2022 23.pdf30 June 2023113kB
Internal audit report 2022 23.pdf30 June 2023862kB
internal auditors report 2022 2023 Cadby PC SB.pdf30 June 2023401kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2021 22 CPC Asset Register.pdf27 June 202294kB
2021 22 CPC Bank Reconciliation to 31.3.21.pdf06 June 202249kB
2021 22 Public Rights.pdf08 June 202253kB
2021 22Redacted AGAR Audit Report.pdf06 June 2022171kB
2021 22Redacted AGAR Cert of Exemption.pdf06 June 202292kB
2021 22Redacted AGAR Section 1.pdf06 June 202288kB
2021 22Redacted AGAR Section 2.pdf104458.pdf06 June 202276kB
2022 3 31 Financial report.pdf27 June 202279kB
CPC End of Year Accounts March 2022.pdf104541.pdf27 June 202221kB
CPC Variances 2021 22.pdf27 June 202220kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2020 21 AGAR Redacted Audit Report.pdf11 May 2021201kB
2020 21 AGAR Redacted Cert. of Exemption.pdf11 May 202192kB
2020 21 AGAR Redacted Internal Audit Report.pdf11 May 202177kB
2020 21 AGAR Redacted Section 1.pdf11 May 202185kB
2020 21 AGAR Redacted Section 2.pdf11 May 202175kB
2020 21 Bank Reconciliation 31 March 2021.pdf11 May 202179kB
2020 21 Variances.pdf11 May 202157kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2019 20 Redacted AGAR Cert. of Exemption.pdf11 May 2021837kB
2019 20 Redacted AGAR Section 1.pdf11 May 2021630kB
2019 20 Redacted Agar Section 2.pdf11 May 2021713kB
2019 20 Redacted Audit Report.pdf11 May 2021821kB
2019 20 Variances.pdf11 May 2021279kB
2019 20 Yr end Bank Reconciliations.pdf11 May 2021247kB
Asset Register July 2020.pdf11 May 202161kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2018 19 AGAR Exemption Certificate.pdf13 May 2021753kB
2018 19 AGAR Internal Audit Report.pdf13 May 2021743kB
2018 19 AGAR Section 1.pdf13 May 2021611kB
2018 19 AGAR Section 2.pdf13 May 2021679kB
2018 19 Annual audit Public Rights.pdf13 May 202190kB
2018 19 Bank Reconciliation.pdf13 May 2021245kB
2018 19 ExpenditureReceipt Variances.pdf13 May 2021286kB
2018 19 Internal Audit Report Pg 1of3.pdf13 May 2021519kB
2018 19 Internal Audit Report Pg 2of3.pdf13 May 2021395kB
2018 19 Internal Audit Report Pg 3of3.pdf13 May 2021311kB
Asset Register.pdf13 May 202172kB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2019 05 08 Financial Report.pdf13 May 202189kB
2019 07 11 Financial Report.pdf13 May 202185kB
2019 09 06 Financial Report.pdf13 May 202186kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Analysis of Variances.pdf13 May 2021361kB
Bank Reconciliation.pdf13 May 2021250kB
Redacted Certificate of Exemption.pdf13 May 2021696kB
redacted internal audit report 201718.pdf25 May 2018674kB
Sect 1 Redacted Accounting Statements.pdf13 May 2021627kB
Sect 2 Redacted Annual Governance Statement.pdf13 May 2021584kB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Financial Report Jan 18.pdf13 May 202155kB
Financial Report Jun18.pdf13 May 202174kB
Financial Report Mar 18.pdf13 May 202156kB
Financial Report Nov18.pdf13 May 202172kB
Financial Report Sept 18.pdf13 May 202173kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Assets 2017.pdf14 May 2021255kB
Audited Accounts 2016 17.pdf14 May 20214.13MB
Finance cadeby financial statement 11th March 2016.pdf14 May 202153kB
Finances Expenses against Budget 1st April 2015 to 31st Marc.pdf14 May 202142kB
Financial Overview 8 Nov 17.pdf14 May 202153kB
Financial Report Q2 Sept 17.pdf14 May 202154kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Asset Register.pdf14 May 202132kB
Audited Accounts 2015 16.pdf14 May 20214.3MB
Draft Budget 1.pdf14 May 202189kB
Draft Budget 2.pdf14 May 2021211kB
Expenses against Budget 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016.pdf14 May 202145kB
Finance Bank Balance 15 16.pdf14 May 2021148kB
Finance Receipts 15 16.pdf14 May 2021199kB
Financial Statement 11th March 2016.pdf14 May 2021226kB
financial statement 13th May 2016.pdf14 May 2021234kB
Financial Statement 22nd january 2016.pdf14 May 202178kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Audited Accounts 2015 16.pdf14 May 20214.3MB
Draft Budget .pdf14 May 202125kB
Finances 2014 2015.pdf14 May 20216.01MB
Financial Statement 10th Sept 2015.pdf14 May 2021199kB
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