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Cadeby Parish Council

Cadeby Parish Council Members

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (Register of Members' Interests)

Contact the Parish Clerk for any Parish Council business in the first instance.

Parish Clerk

Anji Forsyth

Parish Clerk and RFO

Tel: 01827 880548

Parish Council

Jonathan Lane


Ian Smith


Simon Freeman


Steve Karkowski


Members Interests

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
acceptance of office s karkowski.pdf24 July 2018958kB
register of interests dwinterbottom parish2019.pdf16 May 2019168kB
register of interests ismith parish2019.pdf16 May 2019170kB
register of interests jlane parish2019.pdf16 May 2019172kB
register of interests skarkowski parish2019.pdf16 May 2019169kB
register of interestssfreeman parish2019.pdf16 May 2019169kB
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