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Are You Disturbed by Noise in The Village?

Are You Disturbed by Noise in The Village?

Anji Forsyth

Added at 10:35 on 03 November 2023

The parish council is keen to understand the impact of local noise on our residents.

If you are disturbed sometimes/regularly by noise would you please tell the Clerk so a picture can be built?

What kind of noise are you hearing?

Where in your home or garden do you hear it?

Are there vibrations/reverberations too?

What time do you experience any of the above, and is it regular?

Do you know/can you record dates/days/time?

How intense is the noise? Can you say on a scale of 1-5?

Thank you for your help with this matter.

Please email or call 01827 880548.

All data will be held under GDPR.

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