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Cadeby Parish Council

Road Safety and Overweight Vehicles

Road Safety and Overweight Vehicles

Cadeby Parish Council

Added at 14:27 on 30 June 2024

The Parish Council is concerned about the rising number of overweight vehicles entering the village, some have legitimate purpose, others don't and are using the village as a rat run between the A447 and Market Bosworth.

The Council would welcome all assistance from anyone who sees a large vehicle over 7.5 tonnes to be reported to the Clerk for recording and a database to be maintained to prove to Highways the level of incidents. 

A 7.5 tonne vehicle looks typically like the attached image, and these can legally enter the village (although many folks would say they're still too big). 

Please report anything larger, any near miss incidents caused by speeding drivers, delivery vans etc, so we can build a picture of what is happening. 

We need to know as much info as possible:

Date, Time, Vehicle Reg, any livery details such as a company name or telephone number, if you have time a photo or two which saves you having to remember too much detail.

You can report it to 101 yourself and if the police have enough information to contact the company they will do. 

Please send all info and images to: 


Anji Forsyth 01827 880548

Parish Clerk Cadeby Parish Council

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