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Cadeby Parish Council

Hinckley & Bosworth Community Transport Dial – a – Ride

Added on 04 December 2018

Hinckley & Bosworth Community Transport

Dial – a – Ride

Getting out and about is a normal part of everyday life.   Something that most of us take for granted.   But what if we lose our mobility either through a disability or age?   What if public transport isn’t accessible to us because we don’t live on a bus route or because we’ve lost the ability to use public transport without help?   What if we have no family or friends who can take us to all the places we need to go?   Shopping, lunch clubs, the doctor’s or the hairdressers or to visit our friends and family at home or in hospital?  Everyday events for most of us.  If we can no longer do these things life becomes very difficult and we may become depressed and lonely.

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