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Cadeby Parish Council

September 2020 Litter Pick

Added on 02 September 2020



If you are interested in joining the above community event  please let us know – we will need names and numbers if you are to take part as a group.


Please kindly register your interest by contacting either:-

Janet Hicklin- Cadeby Church
m. 0774487112       

Sue Millward – Cadeby Parish Clerk, email:

There will be prizes for the most unusual item collected. An adult prize and a child’s prize. (Do you remember the sad discarded bouquet of red roses last time?)

For safety and to accommodate government Covid-19 guidelines we will:

  • Assemble in the churchyard
  • Provide you with sanitised pickers and bags
  • Provide Hi-vis jackets if you don’t have your own
  • Allocate spaces/areas, with special provision for families with small children
  • Collect your full bags as you go
  • Open church hall toilets with sanitising monitor in attendance

Further Covid-19 guidelines for volunteers include:

  • Bring your own sanitisers and gloves
  • Wash your hands before & after at home
  • Wash hands after touching shared services
  • Do not pick-up sharps or syringes
  • Practice social distancing
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