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Cadeby Parish Council

Defibrillator awareness session

Defibrillator awareness session

Cadeby Parish Council

Added at 10:56 on 26 September 2022

Part of the Cardiac Arrest Strategy of East Midlands Ambulance Service is to raise the awareness of the public of what to do if they were in the unfortunate position of dealing with a cardiac arrest.

With this aim in mind East Midlands Ambulance Service has offered Cadeby Parish Council a free CPR and Defibrillator awareness session.

All we have to do to take advantage of this generous offer is to provide the venue and the participants.

The Church Hall is on standby for a weekday evening as soon as can be arranged.

If you are interested in taking part in the training/awareness session will you please advise me at


Sue Millward

Cadeby Parish Clerk


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